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Error Codes

USDT Perpetual Error Codes

WebSocket API error codes

Code Message
429 request too much
10501 ping timeout
10502 request body error
10503 unsupported topic
10504 not login
10506 parameter is error
10509 unsupported order book depth
10510 incorrect token
10511 login timeout
10500 system error

Restful API error codes

  • HTTP 4XX error codes are used to indicate wrong request content, behavior, format
  • HTTP 429 error code indicates warning access frequency exceeding the limit
  • HTTP 5XX error codes are used to indicate problems on the Tapbit service side
  • HTTP 504 means that the API server has submitted a request to the business core but failed to get a response. It is important to note that the 504 code does not mean that the request failed, but is unknown. It is very likely that it has been executed, or it may fail to execute, and further confirmation is required.
Code Message